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Signature 4ply is a classic sock yarn, made in Yorkshire using 40% wool, 35% Blue Faced Leicester Wool and 25% Nylon. Great value as 1 ball makes a pair of socks!

The Blue Faced Leicester content gives it softness and the rest make it pretty hard wearing, the perfect combination for socks! This is the latest collection from Winwick Mum, one foe each season. These very clever patterns create stripes, without having to change colours, so much easier when sewing in the ends! So break out your favourite 4ply sock pattern and your favourite needles (3.25mm recommended on the ball band) and get started!

If you haven’t made sock before, it really doesn’t need  to be difficult. Choose a simple pattern, do what it says and you’ll soon be receiving lots of compliments. The most difficult bit is deciding which colour to knit first!