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Llama Soft is well named! It is one of the softest yarns you’ll ever find. We have been encouraging people to have a squish of it in the shop and it had definitely passed the ‘Ooooo’  test with flying colours. my favourite reaction was ‘Oooo, oooo I’m having a moment!’

It is made from the luxurious undercoat of the Llama which apart from being super soft is also the part that keeps the Llama warm. The fleeces are carefully sheared once a year . The farmers are extra careful as any damage will mean a less valuable ‘crop’ next year.

The Llama fleece has been spun in to a chunky weight yarn which is also quite light. A 100g skein has an amazing 200m which means it knits quite a bit further than other yarns of a similar gauge.

100g per skein, 200m per skein, recommend 5.5-6mm needles