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Craft Days


Needle Felting has become very popular. Many people are discovering the great de-stressing nature of this creative craft. The basic technique is very simple to master. These kits contain all you need to complete your project, including excellent detailed instructions. Designed and made by ‘Felt and Dandy’ who hold regular workshops at Craft Days, we consider them to be ‘the best in the business’, their attention to detail is amazing. Any of you who have been to one of their workshops will know just how creative they are and such lovely people too! Warning, Needle Felting could get you addicted addicted!!

The Robins kit is the simplest and there are enough materials to make 5 Robins, with lots of extra wool. Both the Dancing Bear and Dancing Hare are more advanced, and are full of character. All kits have very detailed instructions, and a generous amount of all the things you need to complete them.